Given below are two statements : one is labelled as


Given below are two statements: one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R).

Assertion (A) : Aluminium is extracted from bauxite by the electrolysis of molten mixture of $\mathrm{Al}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}$ with cryolite.

Reason (R) : The oxidation state of Al in cryolite is $+3$.

In the light of the above statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

  1. (A) is true but (R) is false

  2. (A) is false but $(\mathbf{R})$ is true.

  3. Both (A) and (R) are correct and $(\mathbf{R})$ is the correct explanation of (A)


  4. Both (A) and (R) are correct but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

Correct Option: , 4


(A) Aluminium is reactive metal so Aluminium is extracted by electrolysis of Alumina with molten mixture of Cryolite

(B) Cryolite, $\mathrm{Na}_{3} \mathrm{AlF}_{6}$

Here $\mathrm{Al}$ is in $+3 \mathrm{O} . \mathrm{S}$.

So Answer is 4

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