How can we prevent loss of top soil?


How can we prevent loss of top soil?


Control of Soil Erosion: Soil erosion can be prevented by providing plant cover to soil. Roots of plants hold the soil firmly around them. They increase water percolation during rains and decrease runoff. Vegetation cover also reduces direct pounding of soil by rain drops. The various methods to control soil erosion are as follows:

1. Vegetation Cover: Soil should not be left uncovered. Tree plantation should be undertaken where vegetation cover is poor or absent.

2. Controlled Grazing: Grazing should be limited to certain seasons and for limited number of animals.

3. Slope is divided into a number of flat fields for slowing down the flow of water.

4. Contour Bunding: Small bunds are raised on the edges of fields to prevent loss of top soil through wind or water.

5. Conservation Tillage: Instead of conventional tillage, reduced or no tillage can be practised. It prevents erosion.

6. Wind Breaks: Wind erosion is reduced if rows of trees and shrubs are planted at right angles to the prevailing direction of wind.

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