How can we prevent the following diseases?


How can we prevent the following diseases?

  1. Cholera
  2.  Typhoid
  3. Hepatitis-A

  1. Cholera An infectious disease caused by bacteria Vibrio cholerae. It occurs due to the consumption of contaminated or unhygienic food and water. It can be prevented by maintaining personal hygiene, good sanitation practice, consumption of clean drinking water, etc.
  2. Typhoid An acute illness caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi. It occurs by ingestion of typhoid bacterium through food, water, fomite, etc. Preventions includes consumption of hygiene and properly cooked meals, filtered or boiled water, etc.
  3. Hepatitis-A A disease caused by hepatitis. A virus. Symptoms of disease appears after 2 weeks of infection. Prevention includes proper vaccinasation drinking boiled water, wash hands before eating, etc.

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