How can you as an individual contribute

How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference to the management of

(a) forests and wildlife,

(b) water resources and

(c) coal and petroleum?


(a) Forest and wildlife:

(i) We should protest against the cutting of trees (deforestation).

(ii) We should protest against the poaching of wild animals.

(iii) We should stop the destruction of forest land for our use.

(b) Water resources:

(i) Turn the taps off while brushing or bathing and repair leaking taps.

(ii) We should practice rainwater harvesting.

(iii) We should avoid the discharge of sewage and other wastes into rivers and other water `resources.

(c) Coal and petroleum:

(i) We should take a bus or practice car pooling to avoid excessive use of petroleum.

(ii) We should stop using coal as a fuel (angithis).

(iii) We should use alternative sources of energy such as hydro-energy and solar energy instead of depending largely on coal and petroleum.

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