How could the Modern Periodic Table remove

How could the Modern Periodic Table remove various anomalies of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table?

Modern periodic table is based on atomic numbers whereas Mendeleev’s periodic table was based on atomic masses. So, properties of elements could be explained with more precision when elements were arranged on the basis of increasing atomic number.

For example :

(i) The position of isotopes is taken care of when the elements are arranged in the ascending order of their atomic numbers as they have the same atomic number they do not need to be given separate slots.

(ii) Modern Periodic table can justify the position of hydrogen in group 1 as it has one valence electron like other elements of the group.

(iii) The anomaly regarding few elements such as tellurium (Te), iodine (I) was solved in Modern table. If arranged in increasing order of their atomic numbers, (Te is 52 and I is 53 .) Te will naturally come before I.

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