How do you prepare your herbarium sheets?


How do you prepare your herbarium sheets? What are the different tools you carry with you while collecting plants for the preparation of a herbarium? What information should a preserved plant material on the herbarium sheet provide for taxonomical studies?


For preparing a herbarium sheet, the paper is cut in the desired length →say, 29 x 41 cm.)

The dried specimen is taken and mounted on the sheers with the help of glue. You may use sellotape if desired.

Labels are out underneath each specimen.

Collections tools will include:

1. Digger

2. Knife and Scissors

3. Newspaper

4. Blotting sheet

5. Plant press

6. Notebook

7. Magnifying glass

The information that will be provided:

1. The scientific name of the specimen

2. Taxonomical details

3. Common name

4. Collector’s name

5. Place of collection

6. Date and Time

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