How is the amount of urine produced regulated ?

How is the amount of urine produced regulated ?

Amount of urine is regulated by volume of blood and amount of antidiuretic hormone $\mathrm{ADH}) \cdot \mathrm{ADH}$ is a hormone released by pituitary gland. Volume of blood is determined by resence or absence of extra water in the body. More blood volume will increase pressure in the glomerulus. It increases the amount of glomerular or nephric filtrate. ADH is not secreted.

Dilute urine is allowed to pass through the kidneys.

The amount of urine is

higher than the normal.

In case the body has no extra water or is deficient of water, lesser glomerular filtrate will be produced. ADH is secreted. It helps in withdrawing a good amount of water from urine. Therefore, only concentrated urine is passed out. Amount of urine is smaller than the normal.

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