How is the equal genetic contribution of male

How is the equal genetic contribution of male and female parents ensured in the progeny ?

Genetically organisms are of two types :

(i) Haploid :

They have single set of chromosomes, where each chromosome is represented singly. As the chromosomes are the bearer of genes so haploids have single set of genes. A single gene determine the expression of character.

(ii) Diploid :

They have two set of homologous chromosomes, where the chromosome occur in pair, one maternal contributed by the mother through her ovum and the second chromosome of the pair is contributed by the male parent through his sperm. The resultant cell zygote produce by the fusion of male and female gametes have two sets of chromosomes, each set contributed by each parent. In diploids a character is controlled by two genes factors. Both the father and mother contribute practically equal amount of genetic material to the child. It means that each trait can be influenced by both paternal and maternal DNA.

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