How many faces are there in a


How many faces are there in a

(i) cube

(ii) pentagonal

(iii) tetrahedron

(iv) pentagonal pyramid?


(i) A cube has 6 faces, namely IJKL, MNOP, PLIM , OKJN, POKL and MNJI.

(ii) A pentagonal prism has 7 faces, i.e. 2 pentagons and 5 rectangles, namely ABCDE, FGHIJ, ABGF, AEJF , EDIJ, DCHI and CBGH.

(iii) A tetrahedron has 4 faces, namely KLM, KLN, LMN and KMN.

(iv) A pentagonal pyramid has 6 faces, i.e. 1 pentagon and 5 triangles, namely NOPQM, SNM, SOP, SNO, SMQ and  SQP.

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