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If in a parallelogram ABDC, the coordinates of A, B and C are respectively


If in a parallelogram $\mathrm{ABDC}$, the coordinates of $\mathrm{A}$, $B$ and $C$ are respectively $(1,2),(3,4)$ and $(2,5)$, then the equation of the diagonal $\mathrm{AD}$ is:-

  1. $5 x+3 y-11=0$

  2. $3 x-5 y+7=0$

  3. $3 x+5 y-13=0$

  4. $5 x-3 y+1=0$

Correct Option: , 4


co-ordinates of point $\mathrm{D}$ are $(4,7)$

$\Rightarrow$ line $\mathrm{AD}$ is $5 \mathrm{x}-3 \mathrm{y}+1=0$

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