In a meter bridge experiment,


In a meter bridge experiment, the circuit diagram and the corresponding observation table are shown in figure.

Which of the reading is consistent?

  1. (1) 3

  2. (2) 2

  3. (3) 4

  4. (4) 1

Correct Option: , 3


(3) For a balanced bridge


So $\frac{\mathrm{R}}{\mathrm{X}}=\frac{l}{100-l}$

Using the above expression


for observation (1) $\mathrm{X}=\frac{100 \times 40}{60}=\frac{2000}{3} \Omega$

for observation (2) $X=\frac{100 \times 87}{13}=\frac{8700}{13} \Omega$

for observation (3) $\mathrm{X}=\frac{10 \times 98.5}{1.5}=\frac{1970}{3} \Omega$

for observation (4) $\mathrm{X}=\frac{1 \times 99}{1}=99 \Omega$

Clearly we can see that the value of $x$ calculated in observation (4) is inconsistent than other.

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