In a parallelogram PQRS,


In a parallelogram PQRS, if ∠P = 60o, then other three angles are

(a) 45o, 135o, 120o 

(b) 60o, 120o, 120o

(c) 60o, 135o, 135o 

(d) 45o, 135o, 135o


(b) 60o, 120o, 120o

In parallelogram ∠P and ∠Q are supplementary.

We know that, sum of supplementary angle is equal to 180o.

Then, ∠P + ∠Q = 180o

∠60o + ∠Q = 180o

∠P = 180o – 60o

∠P = 120o

And also, opposite angles ∠P and ∠R are equal in parallelogram.

So, ∠P = ∠R = 60o

∠Q = ∠S = 120o

Therefore, the other three angles of parallelograms are 60o, 120o and 120o.

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