In a photoelectric effect experiment,


In a photoelectric effect experiment, the graph of stopping potential $V$ versus reciprocal of wavelength obtained is shown in the figure. As the intensity of incident radiation is increased :

  1. (1) Straight line shifts to right

  2. (2) Slope of the straight line get more steep

  3. (3) Straight line shifts to left

  4. (4) Graph does not change

Correct Option: , 4


(4) According to Einstein's photoelectric equation

$K_{\max }=h v-\phi_{0}$

$\Rightarrow e V_{s}=\frac{h c}{\lambda}-\phi_{0}$

$\Rightarrow V_{s}=\frac{h c}{\lambda e}-\frac{\phi_{0}}{e}$

where $\lambda=$ wavelength of incident light

$\phi_{0}=$ work function

$V_{s}=$ stopping potential

Comparing the above equation with $y=m x+c$, we get

slope $=\frac{h c}{e}$

Increasing the frequency of incident radiation has no effect on work function and frequency. So, graph will not change.

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