In the context of conservation of natural resources,


In the context of conservation of natural resources, explain the terms reduce, recycle and reuse. From among the materials that we use in daily life,

identify two materials for each category.


Three Rs — reduce, recycle and reuse.

  1. Reduce: It is to reduce consumption by preventing wastage.
    1. Switching off unnecessary lights, fans and other electrical appliances,
    2. Repair of leaky taps.
    3. Reducing food wastage,
    4. Walking down to nearby market instead of using vehicle.
  2. Recycle: Separation of recyclable wastes from non-recyclable wastes. The former are taken by rag pickers for sending them to industries involved in recycling, e.g., paper, plastic, metal, glass.
  3. Reuse: Carry bags, packing material, plastic containers and other reusable articles should not be thrown away if the same are uncontaminated. For example, plastic bottles and jars containing various food items brought from market can be washed and used for storing things in the kitchen.

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