In the following statements,


In the following statements, the underlined words are jumbled up. Write

them in their correct form.
(a) Air contains 78% ginroten and 21% gonexy.

(b) Vehicles produce high level of pollutants like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nobrac moondexi and mosek.

(c) Carbon dioxide, thaneme, nitrous oxide and water vapour are known as heengrouse sesga.

(d) Gangotri glacier in Himalaya has started melting because of lablog ringwam.

(e) Whenever harmful substances such as wagese, toxic chemicals, silt, etc get mixed with water, the water becomes potdulle.


(a) nitrogen, oxygen

(b) carbon monoxide, smoke

(c) methane, greenhouse gases

(d) global warming

(e) sewage, polluted

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