Let F1 be the set of all parallelograms, Fthe set of all rectangles, Fthe set of all rhombuses, F4 the set of all squares and Fthe set of trapeziums in a plane. Then F1 may be equal to

(a) $F_{2} \cap F_{3}$

(b) $F_{3} \cap F_{4}$

(c) $F_{2} \cup F_{3}$

(d) $F_{2} \cup F_{3} \cup F_{4} \cup F_{1}$


We know that every rectangle, rhombus and square in a plane is a parallelogram but every trapezium is not a parallelogram.

So, $F_{1}$ is either of $F_{1}$ or $F_{2}$ or $F_{3}$ or $F_{4}$.

$\therefore F_{1}=F_{1} \cup F_{2} \cup F_{3} \cup F_{4}$

Hence, the correct answer is option (d).

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