Look at given figure and answer


Look at given figure and answer the following questions :

(a) What change would you observe in the calcium hydroxide solution taken in tube B ?

(b) Write the reaction involved in test tubes A and B respectively.

(c) If ethanol is used instead of ethanoic acid, would you expect the same change ?

(d) How can a solution of lime water be prepared in the laboratory ?


(a) It would become milky.

In test tube B, calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate which is milky in colour.

(c) No, it would be different. No chemical reaction is possible between ethanol and sodium carbonate.

(d) Lime w’ater is prepared by keeping suspension of calcium hydroxide overnight in a beaker. The solution is decanted and is transferred to

another beaker. It contains traces of calcium hydroxide and is called lime water.

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