Mark (✓) against the correct answer:


Mark (✓) against the correct answer:

The annual rate of growth in population of a town is 5%. If its present population is 4000, what will be its population after 2 years?

(a) 4441

(b) 4400

(c) 4410

(d) 4800


(c) 4410

Present population =4000

Rate of growth = 5%

To find the population of the town after 2 years, we have:

$A=P \times\left(1+\frac{R}{100}\right)^{n}$

$=4000 \times\left(1+\frac{5}{100}\right)^{2}$

$=4000 \times\left(\frac{105}{100}\right)^{2}$

$=4000 \times\left(\frac{21}{20}\right) \times\left(\frac{21}{20}\right)$

$=(10 \times 21 \times 21)$



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