Match List-I with List-II.


Match List-I with List-II.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below :

  1. (a) $\rightarrow$ (iv), (b) $\rightarrow$ (iii), (c) $\rightarrow$ (i), (d) $\rightarrow$ (ii)

  2. (a) $\rightarrow$ (i), (b) $\rightarrow$ (iii), (c) $\rightarrow$ (iv), (d) $\rightarrow$ (ii)

  3. (a) $\rightarrow$ (iv), (b) $\rightarrow$ (i), (c) $\rightarrow$ (ii), (d) $\rightarrow$ (iii)

  4. (a) $\rightarrow$ (iii), (b) $\rightarrow$ (ii), (c) $\rightarrow$ (i), (d) $\rightarrow$ (iv)

Correct Option: 1


(a) Sodium carbonate is prepared by Solvay process

(b) Titanium is refined by Van-Arkel process

(c) Chlorine is prepared by Deacon process

(d) Sodium hydroxide is prepared by CastnerKellner process

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