Name the hormone which would


Name the hormone which would be released during the following situations.

(a) A frightened person

(b) Growth of a child to adult

(c) Development of caterpillar to moth

(d) Development of tadpole to frog


 (a) Adrenaline is secreted from adrenal gland during the stress conditions like fright or fear, anger, worry or embarrassment. The hormone

prepares the body to function at maximum efficiency by increasing the heart beat and breathing rate, raising B.R, etc.

(b) Growth hormone is secreted from pituitary gland to regulate the normal growth of a person, i.e. growth of a child to adult. Its deficiency in

childhood makes a person dwarf, while its excess makes a person very tall (gigantism).

(c) Insect hormones control the development of caterpillar to moth, i.e. ‘ metamorphosis.

(d) Thyroxine is produced by thyroid gland to control the development of tadpole to frog. Iodine in water is necessary for its production

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