Name the wastes which are generated


Name the wastes which are generated in your house daily. What measures would you take for their disposal ?


Wastes :

  1. Vegetable and fruit peels and rind, stale food, food leftovers, used tea leaves.
  2. Milk pouches, polythene bags, empty cartons.
  3. Waste paper (newspaper, bags, envelopes), packing paper, empty bottles, torn cloth pieces, etc.
  4. Dust and other sweepings.

Disposal :

  1. Separation into biodegradable and non-biodegradable, recyclable and non-recyclable wastes.
  2. Recyclable wastes (waste paper, cloth, polythene or plastic bags, cartons, bottles, cans, etc.) can be given to rag pickers for recycling.
  3. Preparation of compost or vetmicompost from kitchen wastes for home garden (kitchen garden).
  4. In the absence of kitchen garden, the household garbage and other wastes can be given to waste collectors for disposal.

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