Paddy is a major cereal crop in our country.


Paddy is a major cereal crop in our country.

(a) In which season is paddy cultivated?

(b) Discuss the method of sowing.

(c) What measures must be taken to prevent spoilage and insect attack of harvested grains?


(a) Paddy is cultivated in rainy season as it is a kharif crop.

(b) For sowing paddy, seeds are first grown in a nursery and later after selecting healthy seed plant lets, they are transplanted in the field. This

allows us to select seedling which can survive in harsher environmental conditions for cultivation.

(c) Measures taken to prevent spoilage or damage of harvested crops from insect attack are:

  1. Exposing them in sunlight for drying as freshly harvested crops have moisture.
  2. Dried neem leaves are added to stored grains, so as to prevent damage from pests.
  3. Specific chemical treatments are also available for preventing crops from pest
  4. Fumigation of the storage area to remove its insects.

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