Prove the following


Point (0, – 7) lies

(a) on the X-axis      

(b) in the second quadrant

(c) on the Y-axis      

(d) in the fourth quadrant

Thinking Process

(i) Firstly, check whether any coordinate of point is zero or not.

(a) If x-coordinate is zero and y-coordinate is non-zero, then the point lies on Y-axis.

(b) If y-coordinate is zero and x-coordinate is non-zero, then the point lies on X- axis.

(c) If x-coordinate and y- coordinate are zero, then the point lies on origin (or on both the axes).

(d) If none of the coordinates is zero, then the point lies in any one of the four quadrants



(c) In point (0, -7) x-coordinate is zero, so it lies on Y-axis and y-coordinate is negative, so
the point (0, – 7) lies on the Y-axis in the negative direction.

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