Ramesh was not in class when this chapter was being taught.


Ramesh was not in class when this chapter was being taught. He came the next day and repeated what he had heard from his father. Can you tell Ramesh what is wrong with these statements?

(a) Women always vote the way men tell them to. So what is the point of giving them the right to vote?

(b) Party politics creates tension in society. Elections should be decided by consensus not by competition.

(c) Only graduates should be allowed to stand as candidates for elections.


(a) The statement is wrong because the policy of secret ballot ensures that an individual can vote for whoever he/she wants. Women are fully capable of taking decisions on their own and selecting the candidate they like.

(b) It is true that party politics creates tension in the society, but it is wrong to say that elections should be decided by consensus. Competition in politics works out for the good of the people as politicians compete with each other in fulfilling their promises. They might not be honest, but they know that they need to work to be elected. Thus, even their selfish actions benefit the people.

(c) Educational qualification is not required to understand the people’s needs, and to represent their interests. Thus, it is not necessary for politicians to be graduates.

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