Read the statements given below.


 Read the statements given below.

  1. Seeds require moisture for germination.
  2. Plants can absorb nutrients mostly in dissolved form.
  3. Irrigation protects crops from both frost and hot air currents.
  4. Irrigation improves soil texture.

Choose combination of statements which indicate need to irrigate crops.

(a) (1) and (2)

(b) (1), (2) and (3)

(c) (1), (2), (3) and(4)-,

(d) (1) and (3)


(a) The combination of statements (1) and (2) indicate need for irrigation.

Irrigation is the supply of water to crops at regular intervals as water or moisture is necessary for seed germination, growth and other physiological

processes. Moreover, the plants readily absorb nutrients in dissolved form along with water through root hairs of roots.

It does not protect crops from frost and hot air currents and manure not irrigation improves soil texture.

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