Science, like any knowledge, can be put to good or bad use, depending on the user. Given below are some of the applications of science.

Science, like any knowledge, can be put to good or bad use, depending on the user. Given below are some of the applications of science. Formulate your views on whether the particular application is good, bad or something that cannot be so clearly categorized:

(a) Mass vaccination against small pox to curb and finally eradicate this disease from the population. (This has already been successfully done in India).
(b) Television for eradication of illiteracy and for mass communication of news and ideas.
(c) Prenatal sex determination.
(d) Computers for increase in work efficiency.
(e) Putting artificial satellites into orbits around the Earth.
(g) Development of new and powerful techniques of chemical and biological warfare).
(h) Purification of water for drinking
(i) Plastic surgery
(j) Cloning
(f) Development of nuclear weapons

(a) So many human beings and survivors are killed by the smallpox virus. Thus, smallpox mass vaccination is good for society

(b) Television for the eradication of literacy and for mass communication of news and ideas is good.

(c) Determination of parental sex is considered bad as it leads to gender imbalance and is legally banned in many countries.

(d) Computers are helpful in effectively and efficiently doing a job. It leads to globalization and improves connectivity among individuals all over the globe. Computers are therefore considered to be good.

(e) The launch of artificial satellites is good because this artificial satellite is based on the internet, television, a Global Positioning System (GPS) and many other bridges between human across the great seas are based on this artificial satellite.

(f) Although nuclear physics development leads to efficient electricity generations, it is considered to be bad. Because it causes the destruction of human colonies during wars, inserts permanent changes in living genes and causes changes in the environment

(g) It is bad to develop new and powerful chemical and biological warfare methods. Terrorists, anti-government societies, etc. can just misuse it.

(h) It is good to purify drinking water. It's the main problem we face nowadays.

(i) It is considered that plastic surgery is good. Because it provides new life to acid drop victims, fire accidents, and many others.

(j) It is not possible to categorize cloning. Because reproducing new organs using cloning is good, but the entire human being's development leads to so many social and security problems.

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