Solve the following :


A bomb is dropped from a plane flying horizontally with uniform speed, Show that the bomb will explode vertically below the plane. Is the statement true if the plane flies with uniform speed but not horizontally?


During release, $\mathrm{u}_{\text {plane }}=\mathrm{U}_{\text {bomb }}$

Along x-axis,



So, at any time, $\mathrm{s}_{\mathrm{rel}}=0$

So, bomb will always be below and will explode

If plane is at some angle then also $u_{\text {plane/ } / \text {-axis }}=u_{\text {bomb } / x-a x i s}$ i.e. Along $x$-axis $\mathrm{u}_{\text {rel }}=0$

So, bomb explodes below plane

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