Solve the following :


The benches of a gallery in a cricket stadium are $1 \mathrm{~m}$ wide and $1 \mathrm{~m}$ high. A batsman strikes the ball at a level one metre above the ground and hits a mammoth sixer. The ball starts at $35 \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}$ at an angle of $53^{\circ}$ with the horizontal. The benches are perpendicular to the place of motion and the first bench is $110 \mathrm{~m}$ from the batsman on which bench hwill the ball hit?


Let ball lands on the nth bench $\therefore \mathrm{y}=(\mathrm{n}-1)$

and $x=110+(n-1)=110+y$


$\mathrm{Y}=\mathrm{x} \tan \theta-\frac{1}{2} \mathrm{~g} \frac{\mathrm{x}^{2}}{\mathrm{u}^{2} \cos ^{2} \theta}$

$(n-1)=(110+n-1) \tan 53^{\circ}-g^{2(35)^{n}\left(\cos ^{2} 53\right)}$




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