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Solve the following :


It is $260 \mathrm{~km}$ from Patna to Ranchi by air and $320 \mathrm{~km}$ by road. An aero plane takes 30 minutes to go from Patna to Ranchi whereas a deluxe bus takes 8 hours


(a) $\vec{V}_{\text {avg/plane }}=\frac{\text { distance }}{\text { time }}=\frac{260}{0.5}=520 \mathrm{kmph}$

(b)$\vec{V}_{\text {avg/bus }}=\frac{\text { distance }}{\text { time }}=\frac{320}{8}=40 \mathrm{kmph}$

(c)$\vec{V}_{\text {avg/plane }}=\frac{\text { displacement }}{\text { time }}=\frac{260}{0.5}=520 \mathrm{kmh}$

(d) $\vec{V}_{\text {avg/bus }}=\frac{\text { displacement }}{\text { time }}=260 / 8=32.5 \mathrm{kmph}$


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