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Which of the following reagent is suitable for the preparation of the product in the above reaction ?

  1. $\mathrm{NaBH}_{4}$

  2. $\mathrm{NH}_{2}-\mathrm{NH}_{2} / \mathrm{C}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{5} \stackrel{\ominus}{\mathrm{O}} \stackrel{\oplus}{\mathrm{Na}}$

  3. $\mathrm{Ni} / \mathrm{H}_{2}$

  4. $\operatorname{Red} \mathrm{P}+\mathrm{Cl}_{2}$

Correct Option: , 2


To reduce the carbonyl groups into alkane wolf - kischner reduction is used, without affecting the double bond.

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