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Let $A=\{2,3\}$ and $B=\{3,5\}$

(i) Find $(A \times B)$ and $n(A \times B)$.

(ii) How many relations can be defined from $A$ to $B$ ?



Given: A = {2, 3} and B= {3, 5}

(i) $(A \times B)=\{(2,3),(2,5),(3,3),(3,5)\}$

Therefore, n(A × B) = 4

(ii) No. of relation from $A$ to $B$ is a subset of Cartesian product of $(A \times B)$.

Here no. of elements in A = 2 and no. of elements in B = 2.

So, (A × B) = 2 × 2 = 4

So, the total number of relations can be defined from A to B is



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