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Match the $C_{P} / C_{V}$ ratio for ideal gases with different tune of molecules.



  1. $\mathrm{A}-\mathrm{IV}, \mathrm{B}-\mathrm{I}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{II}, \mathrm{D}-\mathrm{III}$

  2. A-IV, B-II, C-I, D-III

  3. A-III, B-IV, C-II, D-I

  4. A-II, B-III, C-I, D-IV

Correct Option: 1



where ' $f$ ' is degree of freedom

(A) Monoatomic $\mathrm{f}=3, \gamma=1+\frac{2}{3}=\frac{5}{3}$

(B) Diatomic rigid molecules,

$f=5, \gamma=1+\frac{2}{3}=\frac{7}{5}$

(C) Diatomic non-rigid molecules

$\mathrm{f}=7, \gamma=1+\frac{2}{7}=\frac{9}{7}$

(D) Triatomic rigid molecules

$f=6, \gamma=1+\frac{2}{6}=\frac{4}{3}$


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