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A part of a complete circuit is shown in the figure. At some instant, the value of current I is $1 \mathrm{~A}$ and it is decreasing at a rate of $10^{2} \mathrm{~A} \mathrm{~s}^{-1}$. The value of the potential difference $\mathrm{V}_{\mathrm{P}}-\mathrm{V}_{\mathrm{Q}}$, (in volts) at that instant, is.



$\frac{\text { Ldi }}{\text { dt }}=5$

$\mathrm{V}_{\mathrm{P}}-5-30+2 \times 1=\mathrm{VQ}$

$\mathrm{V}_{\mathrm{P}}-\mathrm{V}_{\mathrm{Q}}=33$ volt

Ans. $33.00$


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