Sunita is twice as old as Ashima.

Sunita is twice as old as Ashima. If six years is subtracted from Ashima’s age and four years added to Sunita’s age, then Sunita will be four times Ashima’s age. How old were they two years ago?


Let the age of Ashima be x years.

Therefore, the age of Sunita will be $2 \mathrm{x}$ years.

According to the question,

$4(x-6)=2 x+4$

or $4 x-24=2 x+4$

or $4 x-2 x=4+24$

or $2 x=28$

or $x=14$

$\therefore$ Age of Ashima $=14$ years.

Age of Sunita $=2 \times 14=28$ years.


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