Terms related to agricultural practices are given below.


Terms related to agricultural practices are given below. Rearrange them in the correct sequence, harvesting, sowing, manuring, tilling and

ploughing, irrigation, weeding.


The correct sequence in the series of agricultural practices is:

Tilling and ploughing ——–> Sowing ——> Manuring ——–> Irrigation ———> Weeding —–> Havesting

  1. Tilling and ploughing It is the turning and loosening of soil to encourage growth of earthworms and microbes. It is the first step in preparation of soil.
  2. Sowing After soil preparation, good and healthy seeds are selected and sowed to considerable depths in soil by either traditional or modern methods.
  3. Manuring It is done to add humus, improve texture of soil as well as to replenish nutrients in soil.
  4. Irrigation Crop fields are watered at regular intervals to provide moisture for growth and germination of seeds.
  5. Weeding Weeding is removal of weeds that grow naturally between crops and compete with them for sunlight, space, water and nutrients. They should be removed before weeds mature, i.e. produce flowers and seeds,
  6. Harvesting It is the process of cutting and gathering mature crops. It can be done manually by sickle or by harvester machine.

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