The average life expectancies of males


The average life expectancies of males for several states are shown in the table. Express each decimal in the form p/q and arrange the states from the least to the greatest male life expectancy. State-wise data are included below; more indicators can be found in the “FACTFILE” section on the homepage for each state.

Source: Registrar General of India (2003) SRS Based Abridged Lefe Tables. SRS Analytical Studies, Report No. 3 of 2003, New Delhi: Registrar General of India. The data are for the 1995-99 period; states subsequently divided are therefore included in their pre-partition states (Chhatisgarh in MP, Uttaranchal in UP and Jharkhand in Bihar)


Kerala; Punjab; HP; Maharashtra; Haryana; Tamil Nadu; West Bengal; Karnataka; Gujarat; Andhra Pradesh; Bihar; Rajasthan; UP; Orissa; Assam; MP

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