The deuteron is bound by nuclear forces


The deuteron is bound by nuclear forces just as $\mathrm{H}$-atom is made up of $\mathrm{p}$ and e bound by electrostatic forces. If we consider the

force between neutron and proton in deuteron as given in the form of a Coulomb potential but with an effective charge e': $F=\frac{1}{4 \Pi \epsilon_{0}}

\frac{e^{\prime 2}}{r}$ estimate the value of (e'/e) given that the binding energy of a deuteron is $2.2 \mathrm{MeV}$.


The binding energy of H atom = E = 13.6 eV

The reduced m’ = 918 m

The mass of a neutron or a proton is given as mp

The binding energy of the deuteron is 2.2 MeV

Therefore, the e’/e = 3.64

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