The ionic radii of


The correct statement for the ionic radius of $\mathrm{N}^{3-}$ from the following is :

  1. It is smaller than $\mathrm{F}^{-}$and $\mathrm{N}$

  2. It is bigger than $\mathrm{O}^{2-}$ and $\mathrm{F}$

  3. It is bigger than $\mathrm{F}^{-}$and $\mathrm{N}$, but smaller than of $\mathrm{O}^{2-}$

  4. It is smaller than $\mathrm{O}^{2-}$ and $\mathrm{F}^{-}$, but bigger than of $\mathrm{N}$

Correct Option: , 2


$\mathrm{F}^{-}, \mathrm{O}^{2-}$ and $\mathrm{N}^{3-}$ all are isoelectronic species in which $\mathrm{N}^{3-}$ have least number of protons due to which it's size increases as least nuclear attraction is experienced by the outer shell electrons.

Size order $\quad \mathrm{N}^{3-}>\mathrm{O}^{2-}>\mathrm{F}^{-}$

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