The mileage (km per litre) of 50 cars of


The mileage (km per litre) of 50 cars of the same model was tested by a manufacturer and details are tabulated as given below

Find the mean mileage.

The manufacturer claimed that the mileage of the model was 16 kmL -1.

Do you agree with this claim?


Here, $\Sigma f_{i}=50$

and $\Sigma f_{i} x_{i}=724$

$\therefore$ Mean $\bar{x}=\frac{\sum f_{i} x_{i}}{\sum f_{j}}$


Hence, mean mileage is $14.48 \mathrm{kmL}^{-1}$.

No, the manufacturer is claiming mileage $1.52 \mathrm{kmh}^{-1}$ more than average mileage.


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