The mole fraction of glucose


The mole fraction of glucose $\left(\mathrm{C}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{12} \mathrm{O}_{6}\right)$ in an aqueous binary solution is $0.1$. The mass percentage of water in it, to the nearest integer, is


$\mathrm{X}_{\mathrm{C}_{6} \mathrm{H}_{12} \mathrm{O}_{6}}=0.1$

Let total mole is 1 mol then mole of glucose will be $0.1$ and mole of water will be $0.9$

so mass $\%$ of water $=\frac{0.9 \times 18}{0.1 \times 180+0.9 \times 18} \times 100$


Ans : 47

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