The point of the form (a, a), where a ≠ 0, lies on


The point of the form (aa), where a ≠ 0, lies on
(a) the x-axis
(b) the y-axis
(c) the line y = x
(d) the line x + y = 0


(c) the line $y=x$

Given, a point of the form $(a, a)$, where $a \neq 0$.

When $a=1$, the point is $(1,1)$

When $a=2$, the point is $(2,2)$...... and so on.

Plot the points $(1,1)$ and $(2,2) \ldots$ and so on. Join the points and extend them in both the direction. You will get the equation of the line $y=x$.


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