The Young’s modulus for steel is more


The Young’s modulus for steel is more than that for rubber. For the same longitudinal strain, which one will have greater tensile stress?


Young’s modulus is given as:

Young's modulus $=\frac{\text { Tensile stress }}{\text { Longitudinal strain }}$

When the longitudinal strain is the same for both, steel will have a greater tensile stress.

$\frac{Y_{\text {steel }}}{Y_{\text {rubber }}}=\frac{\text { Stress }_{\text {steel }}}{\text { Stress_rubber }}$

$\frac{Y_{\text {steel }}}{Y_{\text {rubber }}}>1$

$\frac{\text { Stress_steel }}{\text { Stress }_{\text {rubber }}}>1 \Rightarrow$ Stress $_{\text {steel }}>$ Stress $_{\text {rubber }}$

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