Three copper blocks of masses M1,


Three copper blocks of masses M1, M2, and M3 kg respectively are brought into thermal contact till they reach equilibrium. Before contact, they were at T1, T2, T3 (T1 > T2 > T3). Assuming there is no heat loss to the surroundings, the equilibrium temperature T is

(a) $T=\frac{T_{1}+T_{2}+T_{3}}{3}$

(b) $T=\frac{M_{1} T_{1}+M_{2} T_{2}+M_{3} T_{3}}{M_{1}+M_{2}+M_{3}}$

(c) $T=\frac{M_{1} T_{1}+M_{2} T_{2}+M_{3} T_{3}}{3\left(M_{1}+M_{2}+M_{3}\right)}$

(d) $T=\frac{M_{1} T_{1} s+M_{2} T_{2} s+M_{3} T_{3} s}{M_{1}+M_{2}+M_{3}}$


The correct answer is (b)

$T=\frac{M_{1} T_{1}+M_{2} T_{2}+M_{3} T_{3}}{M_{1}+M_{2}+M_{3}}$

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