Two plane mirrors M_1 and M_2 are at right angle to


Two plane mirrors $M_{1}$ and $M_{2}$ are at right angle to each other shown. A point source ' $P$ ' is placed at ' $a$ ' and ' $2 a^{\prime}$ meter away from $\mathrm{M}_{1}$ and $\mathrm{M}_{2}$ respectively. The shortest distance between the images thus formed is : (Take $\sqrt{5}=2.3$ )

  1. $3 a$

  2. $4.6 \mathrm{a}$

  3. $2.3 \mathrm{a}$

  4. $2 \sqrt{10} \mathrm{a}$

Correct Option: , 2


Shortest distance is $2 \mathrm{a}$ between $\mathrm{I}_{1} \& \mathrm{I}_{3}$ But answer given is for $\mathrm{I}_{1} \& \mathrm{I}_{2}$

$\sqrt{(4 a)^{2}+(2 a)^{2}}$

$a \sqrt{20}$

$4.47 \mathrm{a}$

Option (2)

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