What are the adaptations of leaf


What are the adaptations of leaf for photosynthesis ?

  1. Large Surface Area : Leaf has a large surface area to absorb maximum amount of lift.
  2. Leaf Orientation: It is such as to absorb the optimum amount of light.
  3. Veins: A number of veins occur in a leaf. They provide mechanical strength to the otherwise soft leaf. Veins also take part in quick transport of substances to and from the mesophyll cells.
  4. Transpiration: Leaf is the seat of transpiration. Transpiration cools the surface of leaf for optimum photosynthesis.
  5. Gaseous Exchange: A leaf has a large number of stomata for gaseous exchange, required for photosynthesis.
  6. Chloroplasts: A very large number of chloroplasts occur in the mesophyll of a leaf for efficient photosynthesis.

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