What are the functions of gastric


What are the functions of gastric glands present in the wall of stomach ? (CCE 2011)


Gastric glands produce the following substances :

  1. Mucus: Moistening the food and protecting the wall of the stomach from corroding action of HCl and pepsin.
  2. HCl: It makes the food soft, sterilised and acidified for pepsin to act upon food.
  3. Gastric Lipase: It is active only in infants. It partially breaks down fat into its components.
  4. Rennin: It is active in infants where it helps in curdling of milk (casein to paracasein) for action of pepsin.
  5. Pepsin: It is secreted in inactive state of pepsinogen. Pepsin hydrolyses proteins into soluble fragments of peptones and proteoses.

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