What are the major parts of the brain ?


What are the major parts of the brain ? Mention the function of different parts.


Major Parts of Brain
Fore-Brain: Olfactory lobes (2), Cerebral hemispheres (2) or cerebrum, Diencephalon.
Mid-Brain: Cerebral peduncles, Corpora quadrigemina.
Hind Brain: Pons, Cerebellum, Medulla oblongata.

  1. Olfactory Lobes: Receive sensation of smell from olfactory epithelium and relay the same to temporal lobes of cerebral hemispheres.
  2. Cerebral Hemispheres:
    1. Frontal Lobes: Centres of intelligence, control of movements and facial muscles, speech.
    2. Parietal Lobes: Taste and cutaneous sensations with some components of speech.
    3. Temporal Lobes: Hearing, smell, recall of audiovisual memory, some components of speech.
    4. Occipital Lobes: Sight.
  3. Diencephalon: Hypothalamus part regulates activity of smooth muscles and functions as control centre for hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, sweating, temperature and emotions. Pituitary gland and pineal gland are components of diencephalon.
  4. Corpora Quadrigemina: Superior – sight reflexes. Inferior – auditory reflexes.
  5. Cerebellum: Controls posture and equilibrium.
  6. Pons: Part of respiratory centre.
  7. Medulla Oblongata: Centre for reflexes, blood pressure, heart beat, breathing.

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