What is a good fuel ?

What is a good fuel ?


(1) It should have a high calorific value [calorific value is defined as the number of heat units produced when unit mass of fuel is burnt] Thus, a good fuel should liberate more heat per unit mass.

(2) It should have low moisture content.

(3) It should have low non-combustible matter like ash, etc. That is, it should leave low ash and other residual matter after combustion.

(4) Its products of combustion should not be harmful. An ideal fuel should not produce any type of harmful products/gases which create air pollution, water pollution, and harmful effects to the human body

(5) It should have moderate ignition temperature. Low ignition temperature may cause fire hazards, whereas high ignition temperature may cause difficulty in combustion.

(6) It should be easy to store and transport.

(7) It should have moderate rate of combustion and its combustion should be controllable.

(8) It should be readily available at low cost.

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