What is meant by living?


What is meant by living? Give any four defining features of life forms.


The ability of an object which can self-replicate and self regulate is known as Living.

The 4 defining characteristics are-

(i) Growth

(ii) Reproduction

(iii) Metabolism

(iv) Consciousness

Growth: There are two types. Extrinsic and intrinsic growth. Which is deposited on the outer surface and one is inside the cell

Reproduction: Biological process in which an organism gives rise to individuals similar to themselves.

The process is of two types. Asexual and sexual reproduction.

Metabolism: It is the total of all chemical & biological reactions occurring simultaneously inside the cells. It is two types catabolism and anabolism. One involves the breakdown of molecules and one is building up of biomolecules

Consciousness: Ability of the body to sense & respond to the external stimuli.

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