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What special anatomical features are displayed


What special anatomical features are displayed by leaves of C4 plants? How do they provide an advantage over the structure of C3 plants?


The vascular bundles in leaves contain a sheath of large cells. In particular, chloroplast impregnates several layers of cells around the bundle cell. These cell thick

walls cannot be exchanged for gasses. The sheath is without intercellular space. C4 plants over C4 plants are securely fastened with the bundle sheath. It helps to

increase the level of carbon dioxide in the leaves. We know that it is competitive to bind Rubisco to CO2 and oxygen. C4 plants lack photorespiration. C4 plants are

superior to C3 due to the following conditions

(a) They have a characteristic leaf anatomy

(b) They withstand high temperatures.

(c) They show response to high light intensities

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